Just The Apps, Ma'am: Pulse

By on January 27, 2012

What is it?

An app that organizes tons of information and feeds, and creates a beautiful, storyboard-like exploration of media.

How it works:

After downloading the app (which lives exclusively on mobile devices — no desktop version available), users see a home page and a variety of starter feeds. You can add pages by choosing a “pack” — a premade bundle of feeds — based on topics like business, fashion and politics. You can then search the catalog for more feeds or add one on the pre-selected feeds from top publishers.


Why it’s cool:

The design is beautiful and intuitive, easily organizing your feeds by pages. While there are many apps similar to Pulse — think Flipboard, MyTaptu and Google Currents — Pulse has the advantage of being stylish, easy to use and available on both iPhone and Android platforms.

Real-world application:

Makes filtering through the days news and feeds simple, and the visual style doesn’t feel as overwhelming. If “542 unread posts” strikes fear in your heart, this is the app for you.

Use it for:

Skimming headlines with style and flair.




Web / iPhone / Android / iPad