Just the Apps, Ma'am: Hashable

By on January 13, 2012

What is it?

A mobile app that combs your contact lists and allows you to edit the information on each user, as well as enter information about where you met them, what topics were discussed and notes that allow you to follow up with ease.

How it works:

After downloading the app and going through the obligatory sign-up dance (drop your email, connect all your social networks), you are presented with a multi-function screen that allows you to enhance all the information, draw connections between people and schedule dates to follow up. You can also tag people you want to Skype, grab coffee with and even make introductions, all through the same interface.

Why it’s cool:

The data pull features are Rapportive-like and informative but the real draw is the human-centered to-do list options, allowing you to tag new contacts you promised to reach out to — and automatically synch with your calendar to ensure follow-up.

Real-world application:

This is the killer app for all the networking events people are supposed to attend to move forward in their careers. While business cards are still in vogue, coming home with a pile, getting buried underneath a pile of work, and then trying to remember why you took that person’s card in the first place is a pain. Also, unexpected bonus: Hashing in real life does take a bit of time, so you have to exercise a bit more discretion about the number of people you accept as new contacts.

Use it for:

Keeping track of your expanding professional and personal worlds.


Web / iPhone / Android

Slide photo is by Paul Jacobson via Flickr.