Social Shares: Free online classes at Stanford, new technology, and internet issues

By on December 20, 2011

The ONA Issues Tumblr is your platform to define and explore the pressing issues in digital media and get a better fix on how they impact your work. Here are the top five posts from last week.

  • An infographic from COLORLINES asserts that how we access the internet is creating a new digital divide.
  • The New York Times explores a world with seven billion inhabitants in the crowdsourced photo slideshow, “Picturing 7 million.”
  • Stanford offers free online classes in computer science and entrepreneurship.
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    (Computer keyboard photo on homepage by Paul Garland via Flickr.)


Jennifer Mizgata

Jennifer Mizgata is Director of Programs at the Online News Association. She focuses on identifying talented digital journalists and innovative journalism projects and providing them with support.