Raju Narisetti

CEO • Gizmodo Media Group • New York City, NY
Last edited February 20, 2018

Raju Narisetti is the CEO of Gizmodo Media Group​,​ ​at​ Univision Communications Inc, a ​portfolio​ ​of digital journalism ​sites that includes some of the the web’s most beloved and authentic brands​,​ ​including Gizmodo, Jezebel, Dead​s​pin, ​Kotaku, ​Jalopnik​, Splinter, Lifehacker​​, Earther​ and The Root.

A media executive with a track record in creating, rethinking and managing major media organizations ​in North America, Europe and Asia, Raju was most recently Senior Vice-President of Strategy at News Corp. Prior to that, he was Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, where he is responsible for WSJ’s digital​/​mobile content strategy and execution; ​the ​Managing Editor of The Washington Post, where he led the integration of its digital and print businesses; ​the ​Editor of The Wall Street Journal Europe; and ​is ​​the ​Founder of Mint, the second-largest business newspaper​/​website in India.

​He is the Vice Chairman of the Board of The International Center For Journalists (ICFJ) and also on the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation. ​H​is home is in ​Brooklyn​, NY,​​ though he is often found, rather plainspoken, @raju