Gabe Schneider

Senior, Urban Planning • UC San Diego • San Diego, CA
Last edited August 28, 2018

Gabe Schneider is a journalist with a love for hyper-local and non-profit newsrooms.

As an undergraduate at UC San Diego, he co-founded The Triton, a digital-first, independent, student-run news source. He served as Editor-in-Chief from 2015-17 and News Editor from 2017-18, focusing on gathering public records and establishing a paper of record for underserved communities on campus.

Gabe is passionate about non-profit journalism and how newsrooms can better work to advocate for policy that can make journalists’ lives easier. Specifically, that means stronger public records laws and more support for public media.

He’s also interested in how newsrooms can be more supportive of underrepresented voices, not just in terms of coverage, but in terms of the staff. He is firmly convinced that just about every newsroom can do better in terms of creating a pipeline for entry-level journalists of color.