How does my organization get listed in the ONA Directory?

Sponsoring one of ONA’s programs or events will automatically provide you with a listing in the Active tier ONA Directory, but any organization can be included with a one-year listing fee:

  • $200 for ONA members
  • $350 for non-members
To upgrade to a Premium listing — which includes 6 custom text call to action a year and highest order priority for your listing:
  • $250 upgrade from Active for members ($450 total as stand-alone purchase)
  • $500 upgrade for non-members ($850 total as stand-alone purchase)

To become an ONA member, you may register here. See the tier comparison table for full details. Contact Head of Strategic Partnerships Hanaa Rifaey at hanaa@journalists.org to secure your listing.

How can I update the information on my ONA Directory listing?

If your organization is already listed, you may submit updates through the listing update form. Additional questions can be directed to Strategic Partnerships Coordinator Bill Brady at bill@journalists.org.

What contact information can I include in my listing?

Listings may include a website and social media links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) in addition to a primary contact with email and phone. A contact name is not required if you would like to list a generic email address (Ex: contact@yourorg.com).

How do I improve the appearance of my listing?

If you do not have a current sponsorship, your listing is in the Basic tier. Upgrading to the Active tier will give your organization a better display and higher priority. Additionally, we offer a Premium listing that includes a custom text call to action, which can be an exclusive offer to the ONA community or the announcement of a new tool to try. See the tier comparison along with pricing in the table below.

What happens when my listing expires?

After expiration, your page will remain active but the appearance will be downgraded. In archive listings, it will appear after active sponsors, with a smaller, grey company name and no logo. Certain features, like contact person, phone and email, will not be available.

What additional benefits are available to those listed in the Directory?

The more your organization is involved in ONA, the more you’ll find your organization featured on our websites — and all of these items will be highlighted on your directory listing.

  • Sponsored a conference session? If there was a related resource, that may be included on journalists.org. Additional sponsored resource options are available as well.
  • Sponsored an event? We upload all ONA Local and webinar events to journalists.org.
  • Sponsored a blog post? We have the option of sponsored blog content — and an archive will be available on your listing page.
  • Posted a job opening in the Career Center? All openings posted in the last 60 days will also feed into your directory listing.
  • Sponsored a program? Major program sponsors are featured on program landing pages in a logo cloud; these logos link to your directory listing, where your support is also noted.

If your organization sponsors website content, the logo will appear on that page and direct visitors to your directory listing. If you have employees that have been involved as speakers, fellows or in certain volunteer roles, we can mark your organization as their employer.

On your directory listing, visitors will see these events, programs, and resources your organization has sponsored—along with the list of employees that have been involved—as related lists under your primary information.

Tier Comparison

There are three tiers of listings in the ONA Directory.

Basic Active Premium
Timeframe Indefinite 1 year 1 year
Cost Listings are only downgraded to basic tier after expiration
  • $200 for members
  • $350 for non-members
  • Included with program sponsorship
  • $250 upgrade from Active for members ($450 total as stand-alone purchase)
  • $500 upgrade for non-members ($850 total as stand-alone purchase)
  • Not connected to program sponsorship
Description  Yes Yes Yes
Related Lists Yes Yes Yes
Logo in Listing No Yes Yes
Social Links No Yes Yes
Contact Info No Yes Yes
Order Priority No Yes Highest – regardless of alpha
Text CTA No No Yes, 6 per active sponsor year