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ONA San Diego: Online Tips and Mean Tweets

Come celebrate the fun and future of journalism with the San Diego chapters of the Online News Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. We’re getting together for a lively slideshow presentation on the 10 biggest tips and takeaways from the 2015 ONA conference – and to share our meanest tweets. Yes, mean tweets. We’ll take turns on the mic reading the actual awful things people have said about us online.

Come for the camaraderie. Come for the comedy. Come for the beer.

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ONA San Diego: Spring Journalism Mixer

The local Online News Association group has reserved a patio for us at The Rabbit Hole in Normal Heights – the perfect venue for gabbing and gossiping over drinks.

Who: Asian American Journalists Association SD, Society of Professional Journalists SD, SD Association for Black Journalists, the Online News Association SD, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists SD

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ONA SD: Drones + News Orgs

This special free evening panel event will feature experts from the local San Diego journalism, drone and legal communities to discuss the ever-growing interest and availability of drones for newsgathering and reporting. As the intrigue around new possibilities continues to grow – so too does the confusion around what is in-bounds (legally, ethically and technically). Come be a part of this dynamic discussion as we collectively search for more answers before rushing off to assemble the drone armadas.

Please Register using EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ona-sd-presents-drones-news-orgs-understanding-the-evolving-rules-of-engagement-tickets-15469457564

Panel Participants:
Victor Hernandez, ONA San Diego co-chair

Matt Waite, Journalism Professor, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, founder of Drone Journalism Lab
Opening speaker via Google Hangout

Michael Curran, local attorney who represents more than a dozen drone companies

Lucien Miller, CEO Innov8tive Designs

Matt Triplow, Aerialographer.com

Don Shafer, News Director XETV San Diego

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ONA San Diego: Twitter chat with @Sree

Hi Everyone! We have an exciting kickoff to 2015! Digital Media Guru and ONA founder, Sree Sreenivasan will join us for a Twitter Chat next Tuesday, January 27 at 4 p.m. (PT) to discuss the future of digital media in 2015. Join us for this exciting chat on Twitter using the hashtag ‪#‎onasdchat‬.

Check out Sree’s recent TedX videos: http://bit.ly/sreetedxvideos

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ONA San Diego: Technology as an equalizer in journalism?

We know it’s been a while, but we’re ready and excited for our next meet-up event!

Victor Hernandez, News Futurist with CNN Worldwide, will be joining us for a conversation about the current and future role of technology in the news cycle.

With the rise of citizen journalists, bloggers, social media and new media, technology has created a space for just about anyone to contribute to the creation of news – and at a much faster pace. Some argue it’s become the great equalizer for available resources in the arena of news.

But do the growing trends of “click-bait” and the sensationalization of headlines encouraged by technology threaten the quality of journalism?

In this role, Hernandez is charged with shaping critical vision and strategies around emerging technologies against CNN’s journalistic objectives and opportunities, giving him a unique perspective on the subject.

We’re also inviting the SD Bloggers MeetUp Group and journalists from around San Diego for a lively dialogue including a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Our goal is to create a space for San Diego journalists, bloggers, social media professionals, and anyone interested in journalism to come together and discuss these issues – and of course to meet new people!

Join us on Wednesday August 6th at Co-Merge Work Space (downtown) to join the conversation.

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ONA San Diego: How to Cover the Next Big Natural Disaster/Crisis

Special ONA Breakfast Panel: How to Cover the Next Big Natural Disaster/Crisis in San Diego
Friday, March 14, 2014 | 7- 8 a.m. Breakfast Panel;

What: This special free breakfast panel will feature local San Diego journalists, scientists, crisis communicators, and educators talking about how San Diego can prepare for the next wildfire, earthquake or other disaster

San Diego State Crisis Training Program – “How to Cover Wildfires and More”
Friday, March 14, 2014 | 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Training Program

What: This training program will help you to learn about crisis communication strategies and resources that can be used in the event of a wildfire and other crises/disasters in the San Diego region.

Where: Visualization Center on SDSU Campus

Cost: Free

Stay for the breakfast panel or stay all day!!

Refreshments, lunch and parking will be provided.

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ONA San Diego: Learn to Create an Amazing Infographic with Excel

You can make amazing infographics to enhance your website , article or blog using Excel. What better way to breakdown information from your story than to allow your readers to visualize it using an infographic. You don’t have to be a designer, pay someone to build them for you, or send it to the design department, you can do it yourself.

Taught at the Microsoft Store Fashion Valley by one of their instructors, this is a great way to get start building infographics yourself.

This infographic was made using Excel.

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ONA San Diego: Has the Line Blurred Between Advertising and Journalism/Blogging?

Join ONA for an honest talk about the erosion of the once well fortified wall between advertising and journalists/bloggers. What, if any, role has convergence played in this change? Does the separation matter as much as it used to?

Join us for an interesting chat that not only looks at how the line has blurred, but how to increase income, clicks, etc. on your blog or work site by using offline events.

Our speaker is Sean Monzet, the Director of Integrated Media at NBC/Comcast’s owned and operated station in San Diego, NBC 7.

Meet Sean:

Sean comes from a family of Media & Advertising professionals from New York City. He and his wife Melissa moved to San Diego on a whim back in September of 2000 and never looked back.

Currently Sean manages the marketing, content and sales of NBC 7 San Diego’s digital platforms. This includes the local music franchise “SoundDiego” and “The Goods”. With an eye on re-inventing the “local media” experience, Sean is constantly managing redesigns, enhancements, and new product launches across NBC 7’s digital platforms. Sean was listed as one of the 50 People to Watch in 2011 by San Diego Magazine.

NBC 7 San Diego is one of ten NBC/Comcast Owned and Operated TV Stations. Sean regularly communicates best practices in digital media strategy with his counterparts across the country.

Some of Sean’s accomplishments include:

Responsible for revenue, audience, & Social Media growth of NBC 7 San Diego digital platforms.

• Developed & executed strategy to capture largest Social Media audience in San Diego.

• Founded SoundDiego music franchise, NBC 7’s largest digital revenue initiative.

• Associate Producer of SoundDiego TV – airs Saturday 1am after SNL.

• Work closely with news management, on-air talent & producers to increase communication & collaboration between traditional & digital teams. Develop Social integration strategy for programming.

• Grew NBC7.com audience 20% YTY, streamlined video publishing workflow to increase video views 20%.

• Lead digital and Social discussion at weekly sales meetings, working closely w/ Acct Execs to grow digital billing 4 consecutive years.

• Run weekly digital strategy meeting encompassing news/content, Social, marketing/promotions & revenue.

• Collaborate with Product, Tech, Research, Marketing & Sales to launch digital franchises & apps.

• Manage sales, marketing, & Social strategy of The Goods, NBC 7 San Diego’s daily deal/ecommerce platform.

• Expertise in email newsletter content strategy & growth



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ONA San Diego: SEO and Content: Together Forever

SEO and content, the two go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly, Sonny and Cher or hotdogs and a baseball game. Yet, every day major companies and publications crank out content by the truckload with little-to-no real understanding of how their output is affecting their online presence. All businesses want to maximize visibility online and yet few understand the principles of SEO well enough to ensure that they are capitalizing on every available opportunity to do so.

Join us on July 11th for a top-to-bottom discussion of all things content and SEO related. Learn how to:

• Properly optimize web content for search engines
• Write powerful articles and gripping headlines without sacrificing SEO goals
• Conduct keyword research for optimal search engine rankings
• Establish audience personas to better target your readers (and)
• Leverage “content marketing” for added reach, exposure and traffic

Don’t miss this exciting and forward thinking seminar on SEO with one of the area’s most prominent thought leaders, John Bertino

John Bertino is the VP, of Strategic Partnerships for Spread Effect in La Jolla, CA (www.spreadeffect.com). Spread Effect specializes in link building and content marketing and their services are utilized by the top SEO professionals and online marketing agencies across the country. Spread Effect exists solely to help the best marketing agencies and professionals be even better at what they already do every day – build links!

Previous to Spread Effect, John has worked with some of the industry’s most recognized digital marketing agencies. John has been instrumental in developing online marketing strategies for companies of ALL sizes, ranging from the local dentist to Fortune 1000 clients like Viacom and RE/MAX.

In addition to working closely with other SEOs to help them improve their link building process, John serves as an online marketing consultant and enjoys working with local businesses to help them source a trusted SEO partner that is an appropriate fit for their online marketing goals and objectives.

Additionally, John organizes two of San Diego’s largest online marketing meetup groups:

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ONA San Diego- Hack Day

We are looking to bring to content creators and web developers/coders/programmers together for a hack day, the challenge – create an app or website to promote/advance open government. This challenge will give us the chance to create something new and innovative. Just example to get you thinking, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s new book highlights some great apps that promote open government. Check them out here.

Friday – April 26, 2013

1 p.m. – Check in/Registration

2 p.m. Journalism Crash Course – Programmers learn the basics of journalism. Learn what makes a story, how to keep your audience engaged, and what people are interested in.

2 p.m. Programming Crash Course – Journalists learn the basics of programming. At the end of this class you will be familiar with how coding works, the amazing things you can create, and what elements you need to create a successful program.

7 p.m. – Mixer/Meet & Greet, Teams Announced
Elbow Room Bar & Grill – 5225 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA.

Saturday – April 27, 2013

8:00am – Welcome

8:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. — Challenge begins

12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. – Lunch – TED-Style Talks

12:05 p.m. – 12:20 p.m. Talk #1 – Tom Mallory, HomepageEditor, UTSanDiego.com

12:25 p.m. – 12:40 p.m. Talk #2

1:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. — Challenge continues


7:00 p.m. Group Presentations

More information to come!! If you are interested in helping, or know of a potential sponsor, or have some ideas, please let us know…

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