Patia Braithwaite

Health Editor • Refinery29 • Brooklyn, NY
Last edited January 31, 2019

Patia Braithwaite is the health editor at Refinery29 (R29), where she aims to advance conversations around health, identity, and body autonomy. Alongside a team of writers, she ensures that every article — from features to horoscopes — pushes readers toward nuanced exploration. Prior to her role at Refinery29, Patia was an editor of a nonprofit birth control website, where she learned that many readers don’t distinguish between NIH, NPR, and R29. While Patia is fulfilled by this role as an emerging newsroom leader, sustaining a commitment to journalistic integrity is increasingly difficult as priorities (traffic, production, and advertising) compete for prominence.

Despite those challenges, Patia remains inspired by the intersection of public health and journalism, because responsible service writing has real world impact.