Sarah Schijen

Snapchat Editor • Vogue International, Condé Nast International • London, United Kingdom
Last edited January 31, 2019

Sarah Schijen is Vogue International’s Snapchat Editor, a role that builds on her extensive experience of growing new audiences on digital and social platforms for legacy media organisations.

Working with a multilingual team of journalists and designers, she oversees the publication of three Vogue titles (in three languages) on Snapchat Discover. Sarah works to identify new opportunities for traditional media titles to engage with female-focused, Gen-Z audiences, developing alternative editorial and production methodologies to encourage new ways of working across multiple digital teams.

She currently splits her time between Paris and London, a situation she hopes both encourages other women to take on demanding projects alongside the needs of family life and demonstrates the benefit of “person-first” work environments. Sarah previously worked for The Wall Street Journal and BBC News in Hong Kong and London, and has a PhD in Literature and Visual Cultures.