Elizabeth Whitmire

Senior Director of Audience • Alabama Media Group • Birmingham, AL
Last edited October 18, 2019

Elizabeth Hoekenga Whitmire is Alabama Media Group’s senior director of audience development, overseeing content brand development and expansion through Red Clay Media, a new division of the company focused on developing a new suite of video and social brands. She was the company’s first director of social media, helping to lead the creation of Reckon by AL.com, This is Alabama, People of Alabama, and the viral comedy brand It's a Southern Thing, as well as establishing AL.com's news and sports brands as leaders in local media. In 2018, she was selected to take part in the ONA Women's Leadership Accelerator. Elizabeth has 13 years of experience in local media and has previously worked as a features editor, digital producer and community engagement specialist. She’s a graduate of the University of Alabama and is based in Birmingham.

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