Ahsante Bean

Editor & Program Manager, Video Strategy • Poynter • Arlington, VA
Last edited January 29, 2020

Ahsante Bean is Editor & Program Manager, Video Strategy at Poynter where she’s focusing on developing innovative digital content with local newsrooms to reach younger audiences. Prior to joining Poynter, Ahsante was an Associate Director of Programming at PBS Digital Studios. There, she worked on editorial and content development for a slate of 20 educational online video series including It’s Okay to be Smart, Physics Girl, and Say It Loud. Prior to PBS, she worked in Children’s Programming at WGBH, and as a Multimedia Storyteller at the global design firm IDEO.

She has a background in video production and currently creates videos on her personal YouTube channel as “Ahsante the Artist”. There, she makes videos on personal development and social awareness that inspire her audience to move consciously and creatively through life. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, MSNBC, The Root, and in the Museum of the Moving Image. She holds a B.A. in Visual and Environmental Studies: Film/Video from Harvard University.