The Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists

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Last edited February 9, 2022

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The Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists is a free service to professional journalists seeking guidance on ethics. Our toll free number is 866-DILEMMA (866-345-3662) or go to our website to submit an ethics question at AdviceLine has a volunteer staff of experts with a history of teaching ethics at the university level helping journalists and media decision-makers untangle the subtle and sensitive ethics issues often encountered in covering the news. Since 2001, AdviceLine has handled about 1,000 queries from journalists across the world.
AdviceLine helps journalists reach clear and ethical decisions, based on leading professional standards, including the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics. The Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists is partnered with the Chicago Headline Club, a professional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and with the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University.