Outpost Publishers Cooperative

Industry: Digital, Media, Platforms, Technology
Last edited August 16, 2023

Outpost helps membership and subscription-driven publishers thrive on an independent tech stack where memberships are first-class, not a bolt-on.

Our technology pairs with the open-source Ghost CMS, which is the WordPress of the subscription-centric media world.

We provide technology services that integrate with Ghost, helping get new free subscribers, convert them to paid, and retain them.

We also help publishers transition to Ghost, build custom tech/integrations and customize Ghost themes. We also build enterprise integrations for publishers that want dynamic, powerful and editorial-friendly newsletter offerings to work alongside their existing CMS and membership system.

We’re a user cooperative, similar to REI, that was founded in 2021 by former journalist Ryan Singel. We are bootstrapped and profitable, working with media companies of all sizes.

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