Industry: AI / Machine Learning, Audience Engagement
Last edited May 30, 2024

You deserve cutting edge technology focused specifically on journalism and our entire mission is to provide it at affordable prices. Our always growing list of tools are available as a CMS plug-in, a dashboard, and even a browser extension. Some of our partners increase their page views by 20%, reduce their time to create by 53% and make newsletters in literal seconds- and that’s just the beginning- 

  1. SUM: A time-saving tool for generating headlines, summaries, top quotes, key points, keywords, and categories from long-form text.
  2. BRIEF: A snapshot tool, generating the main points of a longer article and key points in seconds. 
  3. VID: A comprehensive video generator and editor that transforms text into dynamic videos. Announcing VID PRO, now with more editing capabilities than ever before. 
  4. LETTER: A newsletter generator that takes existing articles and creates a holistic newsletter with summarization and tone automation.
  5. SOCIAL: Optimizes articles for social channels like X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
  6. PROOF: Provides real-time suggestions for journalists to help optimize article creation for maximum engagement.
  7. TONE BUILDER: Ensure that outputs are in your brand, section, or individual journalists tone of voice- all the assistive AI tools of Nota crafted just for you! 

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