Industry: Media, Tools
Last edited November 5, 2020

We launched NewsPoint360 based on one important belief: An informed public depends on the evidence-based perspectives of expert sources. But we’re lacking opportunities to hear from them in a substantial way in today’s media landscape.

Opinions are easy to find, as are interview panels that devolve into opposing sides and rising emotions. We get it – it’s hard to look away from, and the ratings and clicks that polarized views attract prove it. But that means nuanced expert perspectives are being relegated to academic journals that are inaccessible to the public, compressed into sound bites, or part of the “usual suspects” you see regularly in news coverage. The result is that audiences miss out on a wealth of important stories and trustworthy perspectives.

NewsPoint360 has a mandate to deliver relevant, pragmatic and trustworthy expert video interviews, led by a dedicated team of broadcast producers. We’re committed to curating an ad-free digital platform with industry partnerships that enable journalists and other audiences to discover a diverse set of credible experts on important topics that need to be a bigger part of the conversation.