Industry: Analytics, Audience Engagement
Last edited October 8, 2021

CivicScience is the only Insights Enablement Platform that studies everything constantly. Every day, CivicScience polls millions of real people, in a privacy-forward way, about thousands of different topics, trends, and issues to empower enterprises with trusted, privacy-compliant, and predictive insight at unprecedented scale. Our proprietary technology turns real-time data into fast and predictive consumer and market intelligence.

Publishers partner with CivicScience because we offer an audience engagement platform that simultaneously helps editorial and business teams with a first party, privacy-compliant, data collection solution to assist media companies with content development, audience research, and marketing initiatives.

  • Improve audience engagement with interactive content
  • Increase ad sales with fresh, unique audience intelligence
  • Optimize your data driven journalism, editorial plans, resources, and offerings

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