Stephanie Pedersen

Executive Editor • The Sun News • Myrtle Beach, SC
Last edited June 8, 2017

Stephanie is the senior editor in a digital-first newsroom where she manages most news reporters, the photo chief and sports editor. With a constant eye on digital analytics, she focuses on daily trends in her market and assigns stories to a staff that knows what will perform well digitally and will serve their print readers. More than three years ago, she started studying Omniture analytics to understand how their readers found stories, how they engaged with stories and overall user trends that could provide valuable information to reporters and editors. That data has proven to be an important tool in daily content decisions to drive traffic to the Ledger-Enquirer’s social media pages, website and apps.

Recent Work

Quest for the Tab

Most people think the road to women graduating from Ranger School started when they arrived at Fort Benning in April. But this glass-shattering moment began years ago. This visual timeline shows readers how we followed the story for over two years. With photos, videos, columns and daily stories, we wrote dozens of stories following the 19 women through the inaugural class. In August, Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver became the first women to earn their Ranger tab. Maj. Lisa Jaster graduated in October. In December, we became the only news outlet in the country to interview all three women for two in-depth stories. The timeline chronicles this journey.