Paul Cheung

AI Strategy Consultant • New York City, NY
Last edited April 22, 2024

Paul Cheung is a mission-driven executive with over two decades of experience leading digital transformation in the media sector, focusing on technology adoption, combating misinformation, business sustainability, and organizational culture shifts. As a strategic advisor for Hacks/Hackers, he works to enhance product development and the adoption of AI in journalism. Cheung also guest writes a column series for the Reynolds Journalism Institute, offering insights on how newsrooms and journalists with limited resources can leverage AI tools to improve efficiency and increase capacity. Over the past two decades, Cheung has significantly contributed to diversifying newsrooms and pioneering impactful journalism and partnership models. He has held leadership positions at outlets such as Center for Public Integrity, the Knight Foundation, NBC News Digital, The Associated Press, The Miami Herald, and The Wall Street Journal. He also served on boards of Center for Disaster Philanthropy and co-lead the Asian American Journalism Association’s Executive Leadership Program. He is a Punch Sulzberger Executive Leadership program graduate from Columbia University and an NYU alumnus.