Ngan Hoang

Senior Front-End Designer • Vox Media • Washington, D.C.
Last edited June 8, 2017

Ngan Hoang was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the USA in 1993. She grew up in the DC Metro Area and graduated from George Mason University’s Honors College with Latin Honors (Magna cum laude). She holds a BFA degree in Art and Visual Technology with a concentration in Graphic Design. During her last semester of college, Ngan interned at Vox Media and joined the company full-time upon graduation as a member of the Revenue team. She enrolled in a Front End Development course and UX Design bootcamp at General Assembly and currently takes online classes through Code School. With her newly acquired skills, Ngan has advanced in her career by transitioning from a visual designer to a front-end designer/developer hoping to come into a leadership role in the near future. Ngan is charmed by all the things she doesn’t yet know of and is passionate about searching them out. She fills her time traveling, creating art, cooking and reading. You can most often find her at a new restaurant or locate her by following the echoes of terrifically placed puns.

Recent Work

Hack Harassment

Huge numbers of people have experienced extreme hostility online. Women, people of color and LGBT, along with other underrepresented groups are particularly vulnerable to online harassment. About a month ago, the company I work for, Vox Media, launched a collaborative initiative called Hack Harassment. We partnered with Re/code, Intel and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to fight online harassment by encouraging other media companies industry-wide to join the effort and mobilize everyday Internet users to promote safer, more inclusive online experiences. The project was launched to raise awareness and find potential technological solutions to online abuse, starting with a series of hackathons in 2016, both online and offline. The series will involve leaders and members of the tech industry, the media, nonprofit organizations and academia. The initiative focuses on how today’s tech and media industry leaders can help advocate positive change. It holds an emphasis on how we (the media industry and Internet users) have the collective responsibility and the means to establish solutions that can help reduce and prevent different forms of online harassment, especially since we are the ones curating and creating the content. I played a key role in this project by being the primary developer in building out the project’s website.