Masuma Ahuja

Producer • CNN • New York City, NY
Last edited June 7, 2017

Masuma is a digital editor for the Washington Post’s national desk. Her work focuses on digital innovation and storytelling, from using reader-generated content to show the impact of the government shutdown to building The Post’s presence on Snapchat. Masuma was a part of the team that was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for coverage of the NSA. She has a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford.

Recent Work

“This Year I Learned” (TYIL) started as a Tumblr call-out asking readers to leave us voicemail about what they learned in 2014. Our hope was to create an end-of-year project that captured and showcased human stories in a compelling way. We were quickly blown away by the response, the stories and the community that built around TYIL. We learned that voicemails can be powerful because they create a sense of intimacy and authenticity. So what started out as an end-of-year project turned into a new community and a new type of storytelling. Each month we offer a new prompt to readers, but the goal is always the same: to find and share the important stories that resonate with people.