Gabriela Torres

Head of BBC World Service Social Team • BBC • London, UK
Last edited March 16, 2022

With 20 years of experience in journalism in television, radio, print, and digital production across two continents and five countries, Gabriela Torres is now Head of the World Service Social Team at the BBC. Ms Torres’ team is a highly competent team in digital analytics and able to use data in creative decision making that provides strategic direction, support, mentoring and a sense of belonging to social media editors who work in 42 different languages. One key part of Ms Torres’ work is to increase the engagement of the female audience. A key part of this is making sure more women have a voice in decision-making processes. During the Covid lockdown in 2020, she completed a visiting fellowship at the Reuters Institute at Oxford University on the variables that increase female readership in news media. The operation that she leads contributes to over 70% of World Service’s weekly digital audience.