Britt Cheng

Senior Digital Analyst • NPR • Washington, DC
Last edited March 16, 2022

Britt is NPR’s first newsroom-embedded analyst, overseeing the nonprofit’s news insights strategy. In a nutshell, she’s responsible for helping senior leaders better understand how to attract and retain diverse audiences, and for empowering editors and reporters to use analytics to amplify the impact of their journalism. She’s also on two steering committees at NPR related to first-party data initiatives and increasing data literacy. Prior to this role, Britt helped grow audiences for Vox Media brands including Vox, Polygon, and SB Nation. She also teaches a 300-level course on Audience Engagement and Analytics at her alma mater, University of Maryland, College Park. In her free time, Britt enjoys traveling, yoga, spin, softball, fresh-ground coffee, and keeping her pesky houseplants alive.