Andrew Nguyen

Newsroom Developer • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • St. Louis, Missouri
Last edited February 28, 2018

Andrew Nguyen is a journalist and developer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where he builds news applications and interactives. He has been involved in the paper’s inaugural mentorship program and also serves as one of the co-organizers of the local ONA St. Louis group. Previously, Andrew has spoken about how newsrooms can develop new and improve existing training and has worked to onboard, develop resources and provide mentorship to new reporters during his time at the Brandon Sun.

Plans as an ONA Journalism Mentorship Collaborative Fellow

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch aims to support and retain women, people of color and young journalists by helping them define career goals, develop skills and strengthen their professional network.

During the fellowship, Andrew and the team’s goals include:

  • Completing a “needs assessment” with each mentee to identify their areas of interest, clarify their career goals to determine how they can be best supported within the newsroom
  • Offering small stipends for membership to professional organizations, provide access to additional training in the form of conferences and workshops and help to facilitate connections locally within St. Louis and other newsrooms within the Midwest
  • Creating more opportunities for mentees to provide feedback and discuss newsroom’s priorities, hiring process and long-term reporting projects with the paper’s editors and directly with the editor-in-chief

Long-term mentorship program goals

Additionally, the Post-Dispatch plans to:

  • Improve its strategy for attracting and retaining more diverse talent by investing in and increasing the visibility of women, people of color and young journalists
  • Identify future leaders and give them opportunities to get involved in newsroom decision-making and help improve the culture of the newsroom