Yukthi Sangoi

Communication and Media Student • New Jersey Institute of Technology
Last edited June 22, 2023

Yukthi Sangoi is studying Communication and Media at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). She is most involved with her student-run campus newspaper, The Vector, and really enjoys writing, editing, interviewing, and taking photographs.

Yukthi first started contributing to her middle school ‘newspaper’, and her interest followed through to her high school paper.

An opportunity she’s always appreciated is writing a column for her local town newspaper towards the end of her high school years; Yukthi would consider that the time she realized journalism could be a future career path.

Yukthi started at NJIT as a mathematical sciences major, but while being so involved with The Vector, she recognized her drive to study a field that propelled her the most. One of her primary goals is making information accessible to all communities, and she’s always excited to learn more ways to do that. Yukthi also loves experiencing art, roller blading, petting dogs, and using the Oxford comma!