Amber X. Chen

Society and Environment Student • University of California, Berkeley
Last edited June 22, 2023

Amber X. Chen is a freelance journalist who mainly covers environmental justice, music, and Los Angeles County. Her writing has appeared in the Guardian, Teen Vogue, the Los Angeles Times, Atmos Magazine, and other publications. She is also a student at the University of California, Berkeley, where she studies social and environmental sciences. At school, she contributes to her college paper, the Daily Californian, as the ‘Sex on Tuesday’ opinion columnist. Previously, she also reported on the environment, housing, and transportation for the Daily Californian as a beat reporter. In her free time, Amber enjoys listening to music with her friends, watching movies, and driving around with friends to explore new places. She looks forward to a career in media, although she is currently unsure what exactly that will look like and how stable it will be. She hopes to explore storytelling mediums beyond writing, such as audio and video, and wants to continue grounding her journalism in community. Amber is from Pasadena, California.