Nakya Carter

Mass Communication/ Business Student • Shaw University
Last edited June 22, 2023

Nakya Carter is a rising senior double major in Mass Communication and Business Marketing. She desires to surround herself with mentors and professionals that can encourage her career goals as a Journalist and a Marketer.

Nakya plans to develop writing skills and public speaking skills to help articulate and tell the stories of others. She has a yearning to advocate for what is right and loves meeting new people. She is team oriented, well spoken, and adaptable. She finds herself seeking challenges so that she is able to grow in every way possible character and career wise.

Currently, Nakya serves in a few organizations at her school that encourage her leadership qualities and guides her people skills for healthy communication. She aspires to have her own Television show where she can have real conversations with real people. Along the way, she hopes to adopt skills that can help her build long lasting relationships.