Levar Alonzo

Graduate Student, Journalism • New York University • New York, NY
Last edited July 18, 2019

I believe that courage involves recognition of fears and having doubts. Courage is living amidst the existence of things that can scare you to the point of death. I live by the idea that you need to get back up the moment life tries to bring you down. I currently attend New York University in the Reporting the Nation grad program.I am studying how to be a better multimedia journalist. My stories and projects ask that I marry print, audio and visual aspects to have more of an interactive story. I achieved my bachelors at York College in Queens, New York. Here, I focused more on becoming a better writer and took many classes in broadcast, feature and online writing. An English professor, during my freshman of college implored that I give writing a chance, I took one journalism class and was in love with the field. I have always loved talking to people, finding out their story and also curious to find out what issues are affecting our community. Although the coursework in the journalism program at York has set me up to step out into the workforce and to be a journalist, I feel that graduate studies would make me even more prepared. I was born in Guyana, South America but left when I was four years old. Before growing up between the island of Anguilla, and southern Maryland, I also sent time in the spice island of Grenada. I currently live in New York City. I think it is this mix for cross-cultures that over time have developed my passion for meeting people and learning from their experiences.