Raquel Navarro

Senior, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems • University of California, Davis • Davis, CA
Last edited July 18, 2019

Freelance news writer, Raquel Navarro, uses her skills and experiences to uplift the voices and actions of marginalized communities through justice-oriented journalism. Fluent in English and Spanish, she would like to eventually write professionally for bilingual publications in the San Francisco Bay Area, which she calls home. Raquel believes that community support and grassroots resistance coupled with strong journalistic research and writing can bridge and build movements for social and economic justice, racial equality, and ultimately, collective liberation. When not writing about labor, housing, and law enforcement legislation at the local and state level, you can find her doing legal observation with the National Lawyers Guild or organizing students across the Universities of California to stand in solidarity with campus worker unions. She also helps operate an affordable cooperative housing association and is an active planner of the annual Food Justice Summit on her campus. Raquel also enjoys time spent roller skating, fixing bikes, growing food, and cooking and sharing meals with friends.