Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Founder and Director • The Institute for Independent Journalists • Potomac, MD
Last edited February 28, 2023

Katherine Reynolds Lewis is an entrepreneur, author, and award-winning science journalist covering children, education, race, gender, disability, mental health, and social justice. Bylines include the Atlantic, Elemental, NY Times, Parents, Slate, and Washington Post. Her book on children’s behavioral and mental health, The Good News About Bad Behavior, grew out of the most-read story Mother Jones ever published. Katherine founded the Institute for Independent Journalists, which supports freelancers of color. Fellowships include O’Brien Public Service, Northwestern Medill-Garage Media Entrepreneur, MIT Knight Science Journalism, Education Writers Association and Logan Nonfiction. She’s been an adjunct journalism professor at American and Northwestern Universities and guest lecturer at Marquette, Northwestern, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Southern California. A Harvard physics graduate, Katherine previously worked as a national correspondent for Newhouse and Bloomberg News, covering everything from work-life balance, psychology, financial and media policy, labor, entrepreneurship, and technology to the White House.

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