Hanaa Rifaey

Head of Strategic Partnerships • Online News Association
Last edited December 12, 2023

Hanaa Rifaey (she/her) has championed ONA’s unique positioning at the intersection of tech and media, leveraging it to create opportunities for learning and connection. She is thrilled to continue this work as she steps into her new role of Head of Strategic Partnerships in 2024 after serving as a consultant for ONA for nearly eight years alongside longtime leader Jessica Strelitz.

Building partnerships and collaborative work has been the theme of Hanaa’s career. Before starting her consulting group Press Forward LLC in 2013, she served as the President and Publisher of The American Independent News Network (AINN). She transformed AINN into a thriving media institution that nationalized local issues and localized national issues in the service of creating measurable impact through journalism.

Hanaa has also served in leadership and advisory roles for organizations including Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, the Association for Alternative Newsmedia, and Media Matters for America, among others. She is proud to have led national campaigns for environmental sustainability, served on Capitol Hill, established international support groups for rare diseases and launched a nationwide cultural sensitivity training program in the aftermath of 9/11.

Hanaa lives in her home state of Washington and is a member of many listservs. She invites you to schedule a time to chat about opportunities to connect with the ONA community and more via Calendly or by sending her an email.