Ebony Reed

Chief Strategy Officer • The Marshall Project
Last edited January 25, 2024

Ebony Reed is Chief Strategy Officer of The Marshall Project. She is also co-author of Fifteen Cents on the Dollar: How Americans Made the Black-White Wealth Gap. Ebony was New Audiences & Community Chief at The Wall Street Journal, Assistant Chief of Bureau New England and Director of Business Development (U.S. Local Markets) for the Associated Press and held other roles in reporting, editing and advertising leadership at The Plain Dealer, The Detroit News and Boston Business Journal. Ebony has also served as a senior consulting editor at NPR’s Planet Money, taught journalism and M.B.A. courses at universities across the country and served as a board member for the Online News Association and the New England First Amendment Coalition. She is a board member for United WE, formerly named the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City and she resides in Kansas City, Missouri.