Valeria Perasso

Senior Journalist, BBC 100 Women team lead • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) • London, UK
Last edited February 28, 2023

BBC 100 Women’s senior journalist Valeria Perasso has been with the British Broadcasting Corporation for over 20 years, producing and presenting award-winning content for digital platforms, radio and TV – including documentaries and features for underserved audiences, published in the BBC World Service’s 41 Languages, reaching an estimated +365 million people a week. She currently leads the 100 Women season, which shines a spotlight on inspiring and influential women from around the world and tells underreported stories from a gender perspective and with women and girls at the centre.

Born in Argentina, Valeria has a degree in journalism and master’s degrees in anthropology, arts and visual culture from University College London (2001) and Goldsmiths (2002). Over the years she has worked as multimedia reporter and bilingual correspondent across three continents. She got several award nominations, including The AIBs, One World Media, and the Gabo, from Nobel Laureate Gabriel García-Márquez’s foundation.