Tessa Sproule

Co-CEO • Vubble Inc.
Last edited June 28, 2021

Tessa Sproule is a digital innovator, leader and change agent with an intense clarity of vision for the future and proven intuition for identifying opportunities in the unrelenting advance of disruptive technologies in the information economy. For nearly two decades, Tessa worked within the CBC at the front lines as the media landscape changed, leading legacy media’s response through its dramatically shifting business. Now she takes a place at the front of the shift as the co-founder and CEO of Vubble, a media technology company based in Toronto and Waterloo, Canada. Vubble offers a suite of platform services that curate, assess and distribute personalized delivery of the world’s best video content, using a proprietary system of machine learning technology and human curation. Vubble’s partners include top media companies and educational publishers, including CTV News, AsapSCIENCE, Channel 4 News and Let’s Talk Science.