Shannon Busta

Senior Manager, Operations and Audience, Opinion Audio • The New York Times • Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada
Last edited February 28, 2023

Shannon Busta is an entrepreneurial digital journalist with a deep interest in team leadership and innovation. She began her career in journalism at her undergraduate student paper as a way to bolster her resume for law school. Following the death of her mother and grandfather just days apart in 2008, she decided to follow her passion, instead of her family’s plan, and pursued a graduate degree in journalism. Since landing a job at The Globe and Mail in 2011, Shannon has held a number of digital-first roles, finding success in the corners of the news industry defined by constant change. Today, she leads the audience team in Opinion Audio at The New York Times. When she isn’t working, Shannon loves to spend time outside, cycling, hiking or stand-up paddling. She lives in Ontario with her husband, Sam, and her poorly named cat, Kitten.