Nicholas Vaughn

Senior, Marketing/Sports Journalism • Morehouse College • Allen, Texas
Last edited August 15, 2019

My name is Nicholas Lawrence Vaughn, a rising senior majoring in business marketing with a minor in sports journalism from Dallas, Texas. I have a real passion for journalism dating back all the way to high school when I was a part of our student yearbook staff where I learned about page layout. From there I went on to Tyler junior college in east Texas where I became the sports editor for our student news paper where my love for journalism grew tremendously as I learned how to conduct an interview, write a story, take pictures and edit as well. From junior college I found myself in the heart of Atlanta at Morehouse College where my journalism experience has grown from writing for our student paper, covering the Hawks and Falcons, becoming a Nike correspondent coving Super Bowl 53, and even having a viral moment of my own.