Natalia Jiménez-Stuard

Picture Editor • The Washington Post
Last edited March 10, 2021

Natalia is a picture editor at The Washington Post, where she covered the Trump presidency and 2020 election. Before joining the Post, she managed the photography team at NBC News and worked closely with editors, developers and product on the digital redesign. While there, she began art directing and commissioning illustrations for the launch of opinion vertical THINK. She was first drawn to visual editing while an assistant to photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb as they developed longform visual narratives through book publishing. Though she has focused on digital storytelling for most of her career, she retains an appreciation for the tactile experience of photography books and aims to apply that thoughtfulness to her everyday work.

Natalia is from New York City and enjoys seeking out the best Peruvian food in whatever city she lands, which becomes an especially daunting, but welcome, challenge when visiting family in Lima.