Kyle Morrison

Journalism Senior • Seattle Pacific University
Last edited July 27, 2022

My name is Kyle Morrison. I am a rising senior journalism major at Seattle Pacific University. I was born and raised in Dublin, California, a suburb of San Francisco. I have worn many media-related hats since I walked onto the SPU campus. I have been the news editor of the school paper “The Falcon,” I have hosted four podcasts, and this summer, I am working as a broadcaster for a minor league baseball team in Duluth, Minnesota. I studied abroad in Lyon, France fall semester of 2021, and that trip singlehandedly inspired a passion for travel and exploration. I do not know exactly what I want to do for my career, but I know I want it to be in media, with the opportunity to travel and go on adventures.
I am looking forward to this week in Los Angeles at the ONA innovation lab, and I cannot wait to meet as many people in the media industry as possible.