Isabel Sobel

Product Manager • Quartz
Last edited March 10, 2021

Isabel Sobel is a Product Manager at Quartz, where she builds digital media products that drive reader engagement. She leads Quartz’s cross-functional team tasked with expanding email readership and improving user loyalty. Izzy draws upon her experience on the business side of Quartz, where she brought to market Quartz’s most ambitious editorial projects for advertisers by managing collaboration between product, editorial, growth, and sales teams from ideation to publication. Before joining Quartz, Izzy worked in product marketing at an education technology firm, where she used digital marketing strategies to maximize student app usage, sparking her passion for connecting with users through digital messaging.

Outside of work, Izzy enjoys solving puzzles, teaching strategy games, and exploring new cities. When she’s not working from home, you can find her searching for the best xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in NYC and cheering on her alma mater, the Michigan Wolverines.