Allegra Kirkland

Politics Director • Teen Vogue • Brooklyn, NY
Last edited February 28, 2023

“I’m a hopeless news junkie and New York native who has worked in political journalism for most of my career. At Talking Points Memo, I worked my way up from social media editor to newswriter on the 6 am shift to a reporter covering voting rights and far-right extremism. By the time I left in 2019, I was helping to direct coverage as the senior editor in the New York City office.

At Teen Vogue, I oversee all facets of our politics coverage. I’ve coordinated several of the best-performing politics covers (including one on voter suppression of women of color for the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment), manage external partnerships, handle day-to-day operations and oversee five columnists and a pool of freelancers. I was promoted from senior politics editor to politics director in November 2021. I’m also a steward in the Condé Nast union.”