Nonny Anna Maria de la Pena

Founder and CEO • Emblematic Group
Last edited December 14, 2020

Nonny de la Peña, founder of Emblematic Group, was recently named WSJ Technology Innovator of the Year and one of CNET’s 20 most influential Latinos. Often called Godmother of VR for her pioneering work using cutting edge technologies to tell important stories, she is now launching the Knight Foundation funded REACH.Love to empower anyone to create and distribute AR/VR stories straight in the browser. A Yale Poynter Media Fellow and a former correspondent for Newsweek, de la Peña is Peña is widely credited with pioneering the genre of immersive journalism. She was selected by Wired Magazine as a #MakeTechHuman Agent of Change and has been called “The Godmother of Virtual Reality” by Engadget and The Guardian. Additionally, Fast Company named her “One of the People Who Made the World More Creative.” for her work in immersive storytelling. At Emblematic Group, she uses cutting edge technologies to tell important stories—both news-based and fictional—that create intense, empathic engagement on the part of viewers.

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