Nicholas Petche

Editor-in-Chief • Yahoo UK
Last edited January 17, 2019

Nicholas leads the team who deliver the UK and International editions of Yahoo News Digest. In his previous role as senior editor for Yahoo, Nick worked on ‘Zaatari: A Day in the Life’ — a creative partnership between the UNHCR and Yahoo. The project was commended twice at the 2014 UK Online Media Awards — once for Best Campaigning/Investigative Journalism and again for Best Video Journalism. Nick has worked as a journalist for 25 years and started out after university in Central America covering Mexico and the civil war in Guatemala as a reporter and photographer. On returning to the UK, he embarked on a career path that took in weekly, evening and national newspapers including Metro and the Daily Mail. Bilingual in German, with a working knowledge of Spanish, Nick has a BA Hons degree in languages from Warwick University.

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