Kim Bui

Director of Audience Innovation • Arizona Republic • Los Angeles, CA
Vice-President, ONA Board of Directors
Last edited February 6, 2019

P. Kim Bui is the director of audience innovation at the Arizona Republic. She’s focused her career on leading real-time news initiatives and creating new storytelling forms for digital, print and broadcast companies catering to local, national and global audiences. Prior, she was editor-at-large for NowThis News, focusing on original, social reporting and breaking news. She was also deputy managing editor for, a digital media startup specializing in social journalism. She’s been a speaker, trainer and teacher on digital and social journalism at universities, conferences and gatherings worldwide. She writes a syndicated newsletter for emerging leaders and managers, The Middles:

Below is Kim’s statement as an incumbent candidate for the 2018-19 ONA Board of Directors election


I’m incredibly proud of how diverse and inclusive ONA has become since I joined as a member nearly a decade ago. This year, we’ve made it a point to make the OJAs equally diverse with screeners and judges who spoke multiple languages across the world. I would like to continue this, making the OJAs more of a world-class award.

I value diversity and inclusion and strive to make it a point of conversation in as many points of working with ONA as possible, and the industry. I want to keep this going and expand further.

ONA has grown incredibly since I have been on the board. We were all once scrappy journalists who happened to like that web thing, and now we’re leaders who are building the future of our industry. ONA’s programming (both as a part of and outside of the conference) needs to reflect that. The Women’s Leadership Academy has been a success, but where else can we shine a light? What other pipelines can we help build? I’d love for ONA to continue building programs like these, without losing the closeness of the community. We have to grow, but we have to grow smartly. We can’t be partners on everything, we can’t host every discussion. But we can choose carefully what would best serve our members.

I have seen many leaders emerge from ONA, from planning Local events to becoming top editors. I’d like ONA to continue strengthening opportunities at all stages of a person’s career. I’d like us to help today’s web producer become a managing editor, and for the organization to play a role in that. I’d like us to celebrate that person’s success and support them along the way.

I also see a lack of support for freelancers and other roles we don’t typically support. This is part of diversity; we need to support anyone who plays a role in digital journalism, and increasingly that is freelance and contract workers. Perhaps there is a way ONA can be of better service.

Overall, my vision for ONA is to keep being a family. A big, rapidly growing, amazing family. Where we can, I’d like to find ways for the organization to keep supporting and lifting up everyone who plays a role in digital journalism.

Industry Involvement

I’m completing my second term as a member of the ONA Board of Directors, and one that has brought me even closer to the ONA community. In the past year, I’ve co-chaired the Online Journalism Awards, conducted a governance survey for the board, and been on a number of panels and training events for ONA. I’m deeply committed to the organization, which I often call my family.

Outside of ONA, I remain involved in First Draft, AAJA and other industry organizations, often as a speaker and trainer, but also a vocal member.


Not required for incumbents.

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