Katharine Bailey

Katharine heads up news product at The Wall Street Journal. She and her team work with editors, reporters and those outside the newsroom to develop, launch and nurture a range of digital initiatives, from website and apps to VR and audio. She oversaw the redesign of WSJ.com in 2015 and and looks after the development of WSJ's core apps. She and her team are currently immersed in rethinking the live coverage experience for the 2016 election, as well as reimagining the traditional section front and article page to increase mobile engagement. Katharine joined WSJ in 2008 to lead the launch of WSJ's digital editions in Asia, Europe and India. Her team has been part of an initiative to bring product into the newsroom, enabling her to work more closely with editors on projects that can help push the envelope around storytelling both on and off platform. Katharine previously worked at NBC Universal, where she developed digital product for brands like scifi.com, USA Network and the emerging businesses team, and created digital and television ad solutions for various primetime and cable television networks.

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