Emily Van Duyn

Research Associate • The Center for Media Engagement
Last edited January 18, 2019

Emily Van Duyn is a Research Associate with the Center for Media Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin, where she researches and tests web-based strategies for informing audiences, promoting substantive discourse, and helping citizens to understand diverse views. She is the co-author of several reports related to news engagement online, including “Website Redesign” exploring the cost-efficient use of online surveys to A/B test large-scale website redesigns, “Comment Section Survey Across 20 News Sites,” which surveyed commenters and comment readers on sites including The Washington Post, PBS NewsHour and The Dallas Morning News, and “Chicago News Landscape,” which surveyed perceptions of news coverage across the North, West, and South Sides of Chicago. She is also a doctoral candidate studying political communication whose dissertation concerns the reasons why individuals do not express their political opinions and where they go to express those opinions in secret.

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