Sean Rameswaram

Host of Sideshow • WNYC
Last edited January 18, 2019

Like Glenn Gould and Drake, Sean was born and raised in Toronto where, at a young age, he began to cultivate a passion for public broadcasting and the arts. At 16, he was snatched up by the circus and taken to the well-manicured stucco suburbs of Los Angeles, where he began to cultivate a passion for quesadillas. As a reporter and producer, Sean has impressed his love of pop culture upon the listeners of WAMU in Washington DC, KUSP and KQED in California, and WNYC in New York. In 2014, Sean created and launched sideshow, a podcast that celebrates the kind of art you'd never see in a museum (think mash-up musicians, web series auteurs, and animated GIFs). As the host of sideshow, Sean has had many unforgettable moments, but none greater than being scolded by Mike D from the Beastie Boys for not using Google properly.