Saleem Khan

Saleem is a digital news pioneer. He is the founder of JOVRNALISM where he helps news outlets as a virtual reality consulting producer, trainer and adviser. He is Emergent Technology editor at global context-and-analysis journalism organization The Conversation, leads investigative news, technology and verification project; and advises Google, Knight and ONA's Journalism 360 immersive news initiative. He is a strong advocate of emergent media ethics and inclusion.

Saleem launched and ran the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's technology news service, was global technology and news editor at Metro and Toronto Star newspapers, and reported for the New York Times, Globe and Mail, National Post, Fast Company and others. He is a past Kiplinger Fellow, Unity Fellow, and won OpenNews, African Media Initiative, and Mozilla foundation honours. Formerly the Canadian Association of Journalists' chairman, Saleem is an Investigative Reporters & Editors Awards judge, and co-authored ONA's industry-leading Social Newsgathering Code of Ethics.