Nation Hahn

Head of Growth •
Last edited June 28, 2021

Nation Hahn serve as the head of growth for His career has led me to expertise in design thinking, communications, public policy, and politics. He also dabbles in journalism consulting, coaching, and speaking. At, Nation helps drive the postsecondary and community college coverage. As of May 26, 2021 Nation had traveled to 46 of the 58 community colleges — many of them more than once. Nation works on fundraising and partnership efforts, iterating an investment strategy that combines a theory of change, leadership development, and force amplification through “go and see” opportunities for philanthropists and policymakers to build relationships with community college and local leaders. Nation lead a responsive innovation strategy for, including audience growth and engagement. The Reach NC Voices journalism engagement project, which connects people to policy and policy to people across NC, launched in 2017 with a $1.5 million investment from Blue Cross NC. Reach is a suite of tools to build diverse audiences, including surveying, texting, and live events. Reach is used by nonprofits across North Carolina and media outlets across the country. Nation also serves the media industry through participation in the year-long 2019 Media Transformation Challenge at the Shorenstein Center at Harvard, and now through coaching other major media outlets as part of the American Press Institute Table Stakes program.