Led Black

Led is a Dominican-American writer, blogger, and entrepreneur who grew up in Washington Heights, New York City. Led is the founder of the Uptown Collective, which is a hyper local site dedicated to Washington Heights, Inwood and Harlem. Under his helm the Uptown Collective has established itself as the voice of Uptown Manhattan online. Led is also working on Nutcracker Inc, which is the definitive documentary of the infamous street cocktail as well as a left-of-center film on the history of Washington Heights. Through a shrewd use of Social Media, Led has catapulted the Uptown Collective to being selected to Brick Underground’s Top 25 NYC Neighborhood Sites of 2016. The Uptown Collective is one of a few very select blogs that are featured in the blogroll of the City Rooms section of the NY Times. In addition to managing Social Media for the Uptown Collective, Led has provided his Social Media expertise to various organizations, projects and outlets.

Resources Contributed