Laura Wides-Muñoz

Director of News Practices • Fusion Network
Last edited January 18, 2019

Laura is Director of News Practices at FUSION, a television and digital network geared to multicultural millennials launched by Disney/ABC and Univision in 2013. Laura serves as FUSION's standards editor, alternately harassing, coaching and cheering on FUSION's team of reporters, editors, TV producers and social media gurus. Laura was a 2013 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, where she studied the nexus between immigration and economics and helped organize a national Nieman/MacArthur Foundation conference for journalists on the subject. Previously, she was a staff writer at The Associated Press for more than a decade, reporting from Los Angeles on the western water wars and on the birth of the Department of Homeland Security, and later from Miami on the nation’s lucrative and high stakes immigrant detention industry, U.S. efforts to infiltrate Cuba's hip hop scene, and on visa abuse in the American tech sector. Laura has reported from Cuba and throughout Central America, most notably in Guatemala, where she was a Fulbright Scholar and later covered the aftermath of that country’s civil war.