Julia Kumari Drapkin

CEO and Founder • ISeeChange • New Orleans, LA
Last edited February 22, 2019

Julia Kumari Drapkin is the CEO and founder of ISeeChange, an award-winning citizen journalism and citizen science venture that empowers communities to connect to each other and their changing environment.

Drapkin created ISeeChange after spending over a decade covering natural disasters and climate change science across the globe and in her own backyard. She has worked as the Senior Science Reporter for The Nature Conservancy; a foreign correspondent and environmental radio reporter for PRI’s The World and Global Post in South America; as a photojournalist for the Associated Press in South Asia and the St. Petersburg Times; and most recently as multimedia producer for the Times Picayune. She was a NSF Polar Science Fellow in 2009 and a Metcalf Environmental Reporting Fellow in 2007.

Drapkin currently serves on the board of the National Federation of Community
Broadcasters and is a consultant for the think tank Resources for the Future and NASA.

Prior to journalism, Julia did research anthropology and archaeology for over 7 years in Latin America, where she geeked out on Mayan farmer’s almanacs.